True Custom Hardwood means re-finishing your old, existing hardwood floors or installing new hardwood flooring in absolutely any colour and pattern you can dream of!

Prefinished Product Installation means we’ll install any prefinished hardwood, laminate, or vinyl flooring product that you’ve already picked out and love.

Let‘s talk Calgary’s most popular hardwood species

White Oak: Has a light nutty hue and medium to coarse grain that make this species of wood an excellent choice for customers looking for a contemporary or traditional.

Red Oak: The fixed grain, warm and even color of this species allows for a variety of stains and finish options that will compliment the style of any room. Red oak has a reddish undertone that results in a brown when stained.

This species is uniform in grain and rich in color, each piece is as durable and versatile as it is stylish.

A popular choice because of its rich color variations and unique brown streaks. Used for cabinets and trim this species will brighten ant space.

A very sought-after species due to its light red brown tones that change and only get better with time.

Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) is the most popular hardwood flooring import from Brazil. Known for its hardness and durability, this exotic hardwood is a great choice in both residential and commercial installations.

Yellow Birch: This creamy to light brown colored species has light grain and balanced texture that will warm any living space.

Red Birch: The variation of notable swirls, straight grains, red edges and amber tones create a unique, modern and dramatic look.


Bamboo • Brazilian Teak • Brazilian Walnut (IPE)

Fir • Merbau • Pine • White Ash • Santos Mahogany • Spruce • Walnut

And pre-finished planks too!



  1. Oil or Waterbase
  2. Residential or Commercial Grade
  3. Semigloss, Satin or Matte Sheens

What are wood grades?

“Wood is a natural material and by its very nature may contain different characteristics and defects that need to be understood and allowed for in any given application. The grading of sawn wood into categories as it is processed helps to determine to a large extent the value and potential use possible for each board of sawn lumber.”

– American Hardwood Lumber Council

Types of Wood Grades

Clear: Consistent grain, minimal marks and variation among pieces. No brown pieces.

Quartersawn & Riffed: The tree is cut in such a way that the quartersawn gives consistent straight grain on each board. Riffed means boards have a rippled figure and flecks of medullary rays that you can see.

Quartersawn: Consistent grain, minimal marks and variation among pieces. The rift sawn cut delivers grain with a very straight, uniform appearance and none of the wavy fleck

Select & Better: Slight color variations, minimal pin knots and grain streaks.

2nd Grade & Better: This grade shows greater than 50% Red and Yellow tones (depending of type of birch desired) with unique imperfections/flaws, marks and knots.

3rd Grade (Common): This grade shows approximately 50% Red and Yellow tones (depending of type of birch desired) with clean overall appearance and minor to no imperfections/flaws, marks and knots.

#1 Common: Variations of color, grain streaks, and knots to create a one of a kind look.

#2 Common: Eye catching color variations, imperfections, knots and holes (1/4”) create a unique look.

#3 Common: This grade has considerable color variation, deep and sizable knots, imperfections and lots of character.

Character: Tan to red tones, fine brown steaks, and some imperfections for elegance and style.

*Please note that each wood species we offer comes in specific grades.

Not looking for custom?

No worries! We’ll install any prefinished hardwood, laminate or vinyl plank products to your choosing! 

Prefinished vinyl and laminate planks are growing in popularity across Calgary homes and work for all budgets and home sizes. We might not be able to customize the stain and finish for you, like we would with our hardwood, but we recognize that these products have some great benefits, for example, if you have a furry family member, vinyl is extremely durable and won’t get as many scratches.

As seen in luxury homes in Calgary & the surrounding area