Fully customizable flooring solutions for Calgarians

Step 1 – 4 applies to all hardwood, vinyl, and laminate flooring. 

  • 1

    Consultation + Quote

    Let’s chat, get to know each other, and talk about your project. Are you keeping and refinishing your current floor? Are we replacing it? What’s trendy? What’s timeless? What’s best for your lifestyle?

    It all starts with a phone call, or filling out our online quote form and then we can go from there!

    Note: if you have a quote from another company, please include it and we can price match. 

  • 2

    Pick Materials + Colour

    We can show you options, you can show us photos, and together we’ll make your hardwood dreams come true! If you are going with a pre-finished hardwood, vinyl or laminate and have already picked it out, we’ll breeze through this step. Your floor is the canvas, and we are your artists. 

  • 3

    Materials Are Ordered

    Let’s order your materials and have them delivered to your door, ready for installation. If you are going with a prefinished hardwood, vinyl or laminate product you’ve already chosen but haven’t ordered – we may be able to get you a better price from our supplier. 

  • 4


    We use traditional installation methods with state of the art modern technology. We take Polish pride in our craftsmanship and apply our backcountry “leave no trace” policy to our job sites. Labour costs is product & pattern variable, and ranges from $2-$3.50 per sqft. Let’s talk chevron, herringbone, straight plank and other patterns. This step also includes floor leveling if necessary. 

Now let’s talk custom hardwood flooring only: 

If we’re installing a prefinished hardwood, vinyl or laminate product for you – the process ends here.

If we are refinishing your old hardwood or installing new custom hardwood flooring for you, we have 3 steps to go!

  • 5


    Our dustless system ensures the rest of your home stays clean during sanding since all of our machines are connected to vacuums to eliminate dust and debris. With our top of the line system, we’re able to complete approximately 1500 sqft of sanding in just one day!

  • 6


    Pick a stain, any stain! The options are endless with One Oak true custom hardwood floors. We can create literally, any colour you would like for your home. Get ready to let your floor do the talking.

  • 7


    Ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy? The last step of custom hardwood floors is the finishing. The finish is the layers that protects your hardwood from scuffs, spills and scratches. We prefer to use Berger – Seidle waterbase products although we regularly use Bona and oil based products. Choose from Matte, Satin, Semi-gloss and Full Gloss. We can discuss which finish is best for you!

The only flooring company in Calgary who will mix + match colour samples directly onto your existing hardwood floor

  • See your stain options in different rooms and different lighting before you decide

  • We have wide range of stains that we’ll custom mix right at your in-home consult

  • Have 100% custom colors + confidence in your flooring decision